RAKON spol. s r.o.
Production and sale of metal sheet products
ISO 9001

The main scope of business of our company RAKON spol. s r.o. is the metal sheet parts and wholes treatment and production. We produce switchboard boxes for industrial and housing use, electro-installation raceways and troughs, floor raceways, components and parts for electro assembly. Production of control desk boxes of machines and devices made to order, sheet parts including surface treatment made to order.

All products are produced of high quality deep-drawing sheets, their surface is treated by powder technology in the RAL-tinges or metal plated and heat metal-coated.

The production is done by the modern metal sheet treatment technology with machines of foremost producers. The technology of production CNC machines of the companies FINN POWER, BEYELER enables to treat besides the basic assortment of steel, aluminium, stainless, brass sheets also varnished sheets with protective foil etc. The stamp out machine FINN POWER enables to treat sheets up to the size of 1250x2500 mm. The BEYELER press brake enables to treat sheets up to the length of 3000 mm. All sealing is done in the form of casting sealing with the CNC machine Spühl. The part and parcel of the production process is also mechanic production, assembly and completing.

Besides our own offer we deliver order made product according to the wish of the costumers (atypical products).